Ladies!! Wash your face!!


Wellness Wednesday or Hump day or just the one day I carved out time for my blog. I have one follower but hopefully maybe you all are reading it directly from my facebook? No matter maybe if someone googles anything I blog about it will bring them here and I can be of help to them. It’s all good.

Has anyone read the book Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis? I am on her second book right now and these are not to be missed. If you haven’t read Girl Wash Your Face go out and GET IT or get it on Audible (which is my prime source of reading these days.) It’s amazing. It’s motivating for boss babes, mommies, just women in general to get up get off your ass, don’t get stuck with mom guilt, don’t feel bad for your imperfections just…..It’s great. I don’t want to give too much away. I am super bummed that for the second year in a row I missed Arbonnes Global Training Conference because she was the guest speaker and blew the 16,000 people inside the MGM and the other thousands watching from the internet away.

But, to get to my point about washing your face. Hey, I said I was going to try out some products for you right? There are many and I mean many brands of face wash out there I tried a couple and wanted to briefly give you a bit of a run down. Odds are I will probably try more in the future too, I am a sucker for samples and beauty products, I will try em all!! Typically my go to is Arbonne RE9 smoothing facial cleanser. Its anti-aging, creamy, gentle, vegan, removes all my makeup and free from harmful things that we want to avoid like parabens,sulfates,fragrance and phthalates. Has wonderful ingredients full of vitamins for you skin.


I also tried a brand that I am LOVING these days. Glam Glow. In my BoxyCharm box for May I got a full sized Gentlebubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser. This one is definitely in my rotation now. It’s targeting to minimize your pores and help with dryness and uneven texture. I have huge pores and am on the dry side so that works for me. There is antioxidants in it to help with anti-aging (I always love that). It also embodies what I always look for in a product free of all the yucky stuff that I listed above as well as it’s VEGAN!!

Kopari Coconut Cleansing Oil is another cleanser I tried. This one I liked at first. It’s super gentle on the face. I loved the way my face felt afterward as well. It’s great for all skin types and again embodies the vegan and free of chemicals standard that I love. But, it did not remove all of my make up so I was bummed. This would be great for an in shower in the morning kind of wash when you are just washing off the sleep or something, definitely not for an end of the day heavy make up wearer.

Up next Brandless!! Has anyone tried Brandless. All the items are super inexpensive, mostly $3 and they are great quality. Cruelty free, and again free of the chemicals. I purchased their Grapefruit facial cleanser that is made with fruit extracts. There is fragrance added to the mix which I am not a fan of. If you have sensitive skin this is not great for you. It smelled good and was gentle but I was disappointed that it did not remove all of my make up either. You get what you pay for.

Incoming is Tula Probiotic Skincare. When I read Probiotic Skincare I perk up. Probiotics are wonderful for the body and you absorb what you put on your skin so talk about a win win right?! This one was definitely a winner!! It removes make up like a dream but kind of has a soapy scent to it. Ingredients include chicory root, turmeric root and blueberries yum!! There is fragrance added so for anyone that has an allergy to that beware, but this gem is in my rotation as well. They are cruelty free also which is a plus.

One more I will quickly add is the BRAND SPANKING NEW Arbonne Micellar Water. This product was just release this past weekend. The standards for ingredients follow the rest of the Arbonne products, free of harmful chemicals, cruelty free, tested so many times beyond. It’s waterless!! Waterless cleanser. You just put it on a cotton ball and wipe!! Now, I have yet to put it on a fully made up face as I just recently received the box with the product inside of it. But maybe it’s one you would like to try.

I was once told if you don’t wash your make up off of your face it ages you 5 years! OMG! 5 years? For every day I forget to wash my face? I am pretty religious about it these days but back when I don’t even know when I fell asleep or just passed out….I cannot even count. So hopefully that is just a myth. But you really do want to wash the environment off. There is so much out there that we DON’T see, let alone some of the stuff we do see and our make up. Also, that may be the only spa or self care you get for the day. So make it a good one. Until text time my bewitching beauties!!

Tired Eyes?

Tired eyes

Good Day friends! And Happy Wednesday!! Wellness Wednesday? Hopefully I can make it a thing and have some wellness advice or tips for you every Wednesday. I will do my best. I am a mommy to a sweet 4 year old little boy. He goes to sleep in his bed every night but on occasion will come join my husband and I in the wee hours of the morning in our bed. Instead of sneaking in on the sly from the foot of the bed he wakes me up to move out of his way so he can crawl in on my side. This was done at about 3am this morning. My alarm goes off at 4:40 am. To say I am not so bright eyed and bushy tailed would be an understatement. To face the public I need to do something with these tired eyes. I have found some great remedies that help me. Maybe you have tried them out maybe you haven’t but if you didn’t know then you learned something new today right? Easiest way to prevent these baggies is lot of water and lots of sleep but lets be realistic here.

Image result for tinkerbell yaning

I have a jade roller. This little guy is my best buddy. It’s a true jade stone so in room temp it gets nice and cool. I keep it at my home work space and roll it around my eyes while I work and it helps with the puffiness. Another great invention are those gel eye patches. The active ingredient is usually hyaluronic acid which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, redness and dermatitis and really helps with signs of aging. Who doesn’t want that?! Another great ingredient is caffeine, which we know when ingested wakes us up right? Well, what we put on our skin gets absorbed in our bodies so placing caffeine on the skin will help calm irritated skin, lessen redness and help even skin tone. You can find gel eye patches pretty much anywhere, Ulta, Sephora, Target or even your favorite MLM company (mine is Arbonne). Always look at your ingredients though, please. Parabens, sulfates, phthalates and mineral oil or petrolatum are NO GOOD!!

You might have some easy remedies in your kitchen! Who knew!!? Right in your silverware drawer toss a spoon or two in your fridge and BOOM! Easy peasy. And just like we have seen so many times before when someone is laying back in their bathrobe with a mud mask on they always have cucumber slices on their eyes. I think this is extremely underrated at how great that feels. Cucumbers contain vitamin C and caffeic acid that help sooth the skin, reduce swelling and prevent water retention. Who wants to retain water in their face? Also containing vitamin C are potatoes cut some up and you can place them over your eyes. Do have a pantry full of tea? Green tea, one of my favorites, is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Place tea bags in ice water for a few minutes then put them on your undereye area for about 15-20.

Also I have a few little tips if you aren’t just tired but maybe you were partying all night, bless your heart if you can still get away with that. Two easy tricks I used to do, and we are talking a long time ago. Visine always helps with bloodshot eyes. Simple easy trick right. Also shimmer or highlighter in the inner corner of your eye really brightens and opens they eye up. One tip I used to see was white eye liner on the inner lid, but I never cared for that look myself. Another thing I used to do was wash my face with Noxema first thing after a long night. There are a few ingredients that are not the best but the camphor,menthol and eucalyptus in it will definitely wake you up.

Thank you for joining me on my first wellness Wednesday and cheers to some sleep!!

Hi All!! Welcome to my new blog!!!


Welcome to Bewitching Beauty Mama!! I am so excited to start this blog. As a middle aged mommy I am obsessed with all things self care, I am all about us moms making ourselves feel great because we as moms and wives usually take care of ourselves last right? The idea for this blog popped into my head first because I am a subscriber to a few of those different beauty boxes. I have a variety of new products to try and they make me feel great! I thought maybe I would try them and just blog about what I thought about them, the good, the bad, the ingredients, what was beneficial or bad about them. Then the idea got bigger in my head as “Hey, don’t just try beauty products, why not offer wellness and self care info too!!?” The bewitching part of my name is because I love most all things witchy. I don’t call myself a witch but I do have I have an abundance of crystals, I burn sage to eliminate negative energy in my spaces, use candles and herbs and love to meditate and practice yoga I follow the moon cycles as they influence us as well and keep up with a little astrology, you can call it what you want.

What I a hoping to achieve with this space of mine is to enlighten anyone who visits as to new products out there from my perspective make up, skin care, spa and even more. I am almost 40 and a working wife and mother, if you go on social media you will find some amazing make up and skin care tutorials and great beauty bloggers but most these are girls in their 20’s that haven’t had the hormonal gene hit and all of the sudden crows feet or a mystery age spot appears. They can eat that late night taco bell after a night of drinking and still wake up looking like sunshine in the morning. They haven’t gone through a postpartum or even terrible twos mental breakdown with their child or deal with anxiety of constant worry making up Final Destination situations that can possibly happen. While I love to follow them to get some ideas, I want to see people my age and get advice as to what they use to cover an age spot, what serum is great for aging skin, what body lotion is good, which body scrubs are going to make me feel like I just had some kind of day spa exfoliation after I get out of my 5 minute shower that got interrupted by my son banging on the door because he wanted a snack.

Please join me on this journey. I would love to offer advice, empowerment or just great suggestions for anything that can help anyone feel better about themselves if not over all, then for at least a little bit. I’m super new at this and am not exactly sure how to set up this whole blogging deal but I wanted to make the intro and let you all know how excited I am and there are great things to come. Cheers to you all!!!